Dating antique milk bottles

All of the above lips were applied to the neck of the bottle after it was removed from the mold.A hot piece of glass was applied to the neck and then hand tooled to the proper shape.One of the most important clues to the age of a bottle is the style of the lip.In the picture below are shown a number of lip styles common during the last century.As a hobby, collecting antique bottles will be educational, fun, and enjoyable.Since I collect bottles, some bottles are available only for trade.

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View items that are available on our For Sale page.The production of milk was primarily from Jersey cows.Customers were pleased to purchase milk with a deep cream line. At that time the operation changed, and the Kipps distributed New Era Dairy products.Please, no soda commemoratives or painted label sodas.If you have items for sale, please email photos to: steve@Later New Era Dairy was acquired by Prairie Farms Dairy which is presently serving a large area with quality products.


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