Politics and online dating

But Pearson-Merkowitz never makes the leap to proving that online dating is an impediment to these cross-clan pairings.The biggest problem is that the study she sites, "The Dating Preferences of Liberals and Conservatives," from the latest issue of the journal , doesn't compare couples that met online to couples that met in more traditional ways.The last site, Maple Match.com, saw its membership triple overnight following the US presidential election.The rise of political dating sites, however, raises important questions about This Political Assortative Mating is an extension of other types of assortative mating, where people from similar socioeconomic backgrounds tend to marry each other.“I had a suspicion,” says Malhotra, “this polarization was influencing our lives in ways that went beyond elections.” In the first experiment, 197 subjects were brought into a Stanford behavioral lab and shown profiles of fictional people.

We left it at that, and she moved on to talking about David Cronenberg movies. ) But I confess this revelation threw a different light across the gal’s smile.

A lot of it is just plain geography: If you live in a densely populated city, particularly in the northeast, you have to search relatively hard to find a Republican to date; if you live somewhere rural or in the south, the opposite is true.

In some cases, online dating actually broadens horizons, since it carries people outside their own circles of acquaintance.'s article is that it implies it is shallow, even irresponsible, to use party affiliation as a filter for possible romantic partners.

Political differences within couples is often an emotional landmine leading to arguments, so it makes logical sense to separate potential couples based on their political leanings.

Political dating sites put a premium on compatibility, with the understanding that different political leanings may make couples incompatible.


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