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I remember getting him to sign an autograph and he looked at the book I had and said sharply: "Is this yours? Some times I wonder if that event had a lasting negative effect on Spaz, his grades soon went downhill.

He's not as bombastic as he seems on TV and actuall I had an intellectual conversation with him and then got a nice picture. (Its funny he claimed Hull wasnt on that team, I wasnt going to argue, lol) Bobby Hull - Met him twice as well. Maurice Richard - I hate to admit it but when I met the "Rocket" he was fierce towards me. It doenst change what I think of him but I guess it showed what it was like to play against him. Dutifully, Spaz and I waited only to see the jackass bolt like a rabbit for the dressing room. Gainey when me and Spaz caught him and made him make good on his word.

In remembrance of Rypien, we present these stories to you again.

In the wake of Rypien’s death, which was revealed to be related to mental illness, the Canucks partnered with the Canucks for Kids Foundation, Fraser Health and Provincial Health Services Authority and BC Children’s Hospital to establish mindcheck.ca, a program “to help youth and young adults in British Columbia check out how they’re feeling and quickly connect to mental health resources and support.

You can probably add Manny Malhotra and all the emotion that was wrapped up in him after he nearly lost his eye. Is it more able to cope and heal today than it was four years ago, or is it increasingly fragile from the unfortunate and painful pile-on?

All of this has certainly provided some severe lessons in perspective for anyone attached to the Canucks. More importantly, is there anything the team can do to help the healing process while also preparing the group for the dark reality that something like this could happen again?

These are gorgeous human beings who also rock your world when it comes to their physical prowess.

Some people have it all—and the next 101 people are among them!

Despite this stratification between athlete and non-athlete, there is another layer: Great athletes who are also amazing examples of the human species. He said it was because of the WHA he was in, even though Hull was on the team. Spent the entire night of an oldtimers game signing autographs. I acutally told him I read his book he wrote (I didnt but I ran out of things to say) he was really excited when I said that. About 1981 at an exhibition game in Halifax, Bob Gainey told me and my friend Spaz to come back as the period ended, he'd give us our autographs then. I asked him last time I met him as to why he thinks that he wasnt asked to go to the 1976 Canada Cup. What are your stories that you have from any bad/good experiences you have from meeting Hockey stars?He played major junior for four seasons with the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles, earning both the Mike Bossy Trophy as the league's top prospect and the Telus Cup as the top defensive player in 2003.Marc joined the Penguins in 2003–04 and won a Stanley Cup championship with the team five years later in 2009.---I asked Di Pietro if he thinks he's still part of the Islanders future plans.


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    ---I asked Di Pietro if he thinks he's still part of the Islanders future plans.